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Welcome to Cheshire Tuition

A place where children’s lights can shine

About Cheshire Tuition

Cheshire tuition is a bespoke tutoring service, currently operating across Cheshire with face-to-face tuition, and across the United Kingdom and internationally with online classes. We hand-pick our tutors that we work with and they tailor their high-level of teaching skills to the individual requirements of the students. This is to ensure that accelerated learning takes place and children achieve their full potential academically whilst building their confidence to make outstanding progress and become well-rounded, resilient individuals.

All our tutors provide a nurturing yet stimulating learning environment, both online and face-to-face, to ensure that children feel safe and valued. Our aim, most importantly, is to ensure that children value themselves, feel confident and celebrate their achievements. This will ensure that they have an excellent progression through year groups and are able to flourish both academically and socially.

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