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Having taught for over 21 years, in a range of settings and countries, I have settled back in UK with my four children. I have a background in SEN and am currently a SENDCo at a rural nursery in Warwickshire. My further education started out with a degree in Psychology, following which I gained Qualified Teacher Status, and then an MA in Primary Education (Special Needs) and am currently studying for a Masters in Inclusive Education. I also have qualifications and experience in a range of areas such as counselling, Behaviour analysis, Drawing and Talking, Teaching English as a Foreign Language and have experience working with, supporting, advising and writing programmes for young people with a range of difficulties. These include dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADHD, global difficulties, autistic spectrum disorders, speech and language difficulties, fine and gross motor difficulties and numerous other areas.

I have worked in a range of settings with all ages from birth to 18 and am currently an adult assessor as well for adults needing assessments for access arrangements for GCSE or Functional Skill Qualifications. I can support all ages with all areas of the curriculum, especially phonics, reading, writing and maths; and study skills and dyslexia, reading and writing, as well as maths in older children.

A counselling qualification and Nurture Group training and experience, as well as personal experience in having a child with additional needs, have given me a wealth of knowledge of nurturing young people and developing their well being, looking at the child as a whole. I can work with parents to understand their child’s individual needs and develop an awareness through assessments and target setting, and a collaborative approach to moving a young person forwards. 



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