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The tutors at Cheshire Tuition have been 

excellent tutors and mentors to our daughter who was struggling with maths at school. Within only a few weeks, her confidence in the subject had increased and she started to really enjoy the subject. Her grades have not only increased but she has been praised by her school and peers for her determination and positive attitude to the subject. This all comes down to how Cheshire Tuition has worked with her and given her the confidence to achieve results. We would highly recommend Cheshire Tuition and their team of tutors.

Hayley Gibson

Cheshire Tuition has been a breath of fresh air for my daughter and her learning. The tutors are friendly, kind, encouraging extremely patient and above all brilliant teachers. Their lessons are extremely organised and age appropriate and they have given my daughter so much confidence in her maths and English. The progress she has made under her tuition is incredible. I can’t recommend them enough.

Helen Evans

I highly recommend Cheshire Tuition and their team. Their calm and friendly teaching skills have helped my daughter in year 3 to make fantastic progress in maths and english. She has grown in confidence ever since she started her tuition. she loves her lessons as the tutors makes them fun.

I don't know what I would have done without you in the past year, so a massive thank you to you, I'm so grateful to have you!

Evelin Bruhn

Cheshire Tuition tutored my daughter during year 6 in preparation for Sats and the move up to High School. They are excellent tutors and have a lovely, patient manner that put my daughter totally at ease. I'm happy to say that Maddie got good Sats results and moved onto High School feeling more confident in her maths.

Frances Wyly

I would highly recommend Cheshire Tuition. Our son's school work was below average before the tutors worked their wonderful teaching skills with him, his school work is now heading towards above average.

His confidence in maths and english has grown and grown, our son has now caught up in his class and has the confidence to tackle harder maths and english questions, which would have been impossible without the tutors fantastic teaching skills.

Michelle Bradshaw

Fully recommend Cheshire Tuition they worked their magic with my son and daughter. They felt very comfortable with the tutors, and they gained so much confidence.

As a parent I felt they communicated well the tutors always explained what she had been working on and highlighted area of improvement. They would also give me advice on the next steps.

100% recommend them my kids came on a lot with her help and support. Thanks.

Amanda Aidley

Cheshire Tuition tutors both my daughters aged 9 and 11. They absolutely love the tutors sessions as they make them interesting and personalised to their individual needs! They helped our eldest daughter with her SATs and we saw her confidence grow and really helped with anxiety too. We will continue to use them as my daughters respond so well to the tutors.

Sarah Taylor

I would not hesitate to recommend Cheshire Tuition to any parent looking for professional and experienced tutors. The tutors have been fantastic with our son. He was working below average in literacy and was struggling to catch up. The tutors worked closely with him identifying his needs and set him targets which he always met!

They filled him with lots of confidence and created a warm and friendly environment for him to learn in.

Our son was soon caught up in school and is now a much happier, confident child.

Can't thank you enough!

Emma Milward

Cheshire Tuition tutored my daughter when she was in year one and struggling with confidence in maths. The tutors made her feel welcome and comfortable and made learning fun for her. Emily used to love going to the tutors and always looked forward to her weekly hour at the tutors house. 


Emily's confidence came on so much and she started to enjoy maths instead of it being a battle.

We will be returning to Cheshire Tuition when Emily is in year 6 to get her ready for SAT's.

Lisa Flynn

Cheshire Tuition has a wonderful teaching technique that not only concentrates on the academic side of tutoring but also helps the children with confidence and self assuredness. This is just as important as getting he factual side of teaching right!

Victoria Marchant

Cheshire Tuition is fantastic. They made a huge difference to my sons handwriting and enjoyment of writing. Thank you.

Margaret Harris

The lovely tutors have worked with my little girl during the summer holidays and we've felt truly lucky to have them. My daughter loved them and looked forward to their time together. Cheshire Tuition has been nothing but understanding and supportive and my daughter has visibly developed under their guidance. A big thank you, can't recommend you highly enough.

Carrie Lewis-Hare

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